Student Success

Our vision is to increase Student Success by providing our students with access to the highest quality, culturally relevant education available in the United States, while providing each student with the promising opportunity to pursue and achieve their individual career goals.

Our goal is to enhance each students life and experiences while attending SKC by connecting with our students in a personalized learning environment throughout each students academic journey. To develop our students minds beyond the classroom by successfully preparing our students to excel in their future careers. Providing lifelong learning opportunities for our students and our community.

To facilitate this, we seek to raise $5 Million to increase the amount of scholarships SKC can offer its students, to support recruiting and retention efforts, to support campus activities to engage our student body, and to build a connection and a sense of pride as SKC students.

Student Success $5 Million
Scholoarships $1.5 Million
Retention & Recruitment Efforts $1.5 Million
Campus Experience $1 Million
Athletics $1 Million


Academic Excellence

Our vision is to expand Academic Excellence by creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment with low student-faculty ratio, personally involving students with innovative, quality, up-to-date, research, and learning opportunities that will inspire students creativity and ingenuity.

It is our goal to expand and improve our efforts to preserve our cultural identity, tribal heritage, traditions, and language. To support our faculty and dedicated teachers who are committed to each students success. To further integrate the college, departments, faculty, and staff to operate as one in developing and transforming young adults into future leaders.

To facilitate this, we seek to raise $4 Million to support faculty development, training, to support our Tribal culture preservation efforts, to improve our ability to apply for future grants, to increase funding for future projects, and to support new program development initiatives.

Academic Excellence $4 Million
Faculty Support & Development $2 Million
Program Development $2 Million


Campus Infrastructure

Our vision is to further develop our majestic 128-acre Campus Infrastructure by enhancing our education facilities, expanding and modernize the learning environment that is conducive to creativity, innovation, and technological breakthroughs.

Our goal is to develop an infrastructure that will meet the needs of our current students and that will attract future students. To engage faculty and staff that will enrich the students academic experience at SKC.

To facilitate this, we seek to raise $4 Million to support infrastructure improvements, to create a technologically advanced learning environment that inspires each students entrepreneurial spirit, to modernize our facilities with new technology and equipment, and to support the use and development of our athletic facility.

Campus Infrastructure $4 Million
Technology & Equipment $1 Million
Athletic Facility $2 Million
Property Acquisition $1 Million


Increasing Community Capactiy

Our vision is to Increase Community Capacity, serving as a centralized hub, to facilitate prosperous economic and community development efforts across the state of Montana.

Our goal is to make a positive impact in our community, centered on enriching lives through education, improving workplace development, and supporting the unique needs of our community. We embrace our responsibility to make a difference, connecting the community, Alumni, and Constituents to the Vision and Mission of SKC. We strive to make tangible impacts by educating individuals, training leaders, perpetuating our peoples cultures and traditions, to strengthen the community, and to moving forward as one.

To facilitate our community goal, SKC will utilize $2 Million to support corporate, professional, and workforce development efforts. SKC will develop strategic partnerships, leadership programs, and volunteer programs to strengthen the impacts our institution has on our greater community.

Increasing Community Capacity $2 Million
Workforce Development $1 Million
Strategic Partnerships $1 Million


Culture & Legacy

Our vision is to build a Legacy and Culture that will ensure Salish Kootenai Colleges future as the top Tribal College in the United States, as well as its ability to continue to provide quality education for the next seven generations and beyond.

Our goal is to build on the foundation and vision of our Founders of providing exceptional education opportunities to Native Americans, while incorporating the history, language, and culture of our Salish, Pend O’reille, and Kootenai People into the college curriculum. Ensuring the Vision, Traditions, and Legacy of SKC for generations to come. To promote SKCs branding throughout our student body and our community, to deepen our connection with SKC Alumni and constituents.

To accomplish this, we seek to raise $5 Million to increase the SKC Foundation endowment fund, to support our students, academic programs, and capital improvements needs of the College, to strengthen our Endowed Chair funding, to support Cultural Perpetuation and Preservation Initiatives and Programs.

Culture & Legacy $5 Million
Cultural Perpetuation Initiative $1 Million
Endowed Chair $2 Million
Foundation Endowment Fund $2 Million