Our vision is to Increase Community Capacity, serving as a centralized hub, to facilitate prosperous economic and community development efforts across the state of Montana.

Our goal is to make a positive impact in our community, centered on enriching lives through education, improving workplace development, and supporting the unique needs of our community. We embrace our responsibility to make a difference, connecting the community, Alumni, and Constituents to the Vision and Mission of SKC. We strive to make tangible impacts by educating individuals, training leaders, perpetuating our peoples cultures and traditions, to strengthen the community, and to moving forward as one.

To facilitate our community goal, SKC will utilize $2 Million to support corporate, professional, and workforce development efforts. SKC will develop strategic partnerships, leadership programs, and volunteer programs to strengthen the impacts our institution has on our greater community.

Increasing Community Capacity $2 Million
Workforce Development $1 Million
Strategic Partnerships $1 Million