Capturing the Vision Capital Campaign

Building on the collective vision of our founders, and inspired by the individual vision of our students, Salish Kootenai College is proud to launch a campaign which will elevate our institution to a new level of academic excellence. This campaign will create opportunities that will enable the College to continue to develop, engage, and inspire our students to achieve greatness.

The Capturing the Vision Capital Campaign is a campus-wide endeavor, focusing on five priorities:

Student Success

Our vision is to increase Student Success by providing our students with access to the highest quality, culturally relevant education available in the United States while providing each student with the promising opportunity to pursue and achieve their individual career goals.

Academic Excellence

Our vision is to expand Academic Excellence by creating a diverse and dynamic learning environment with a low student-faculty ratio, personally involving students with innovative, quality, up-to-date, research, and learning opportunities that will inspire students creativity and ingenuity.

Campus Infrastucture

Our vision is to further develop our majestic 137-acre Campus Infrastructure by enhancing our education facilities, expanding and modernize the learning environment that is conducive to creativity, innovation, and technological breakthroughs.

Increasing Community Capacity

Our vision is to Increase Community Capacity, serving as a centralized hub, to facilitate prosperous economic and community development efforts across the state of Montana.

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Culture & Legacy

Our vision is to build a Legacy and Culture that will ensure Salish Kootenai Colleges future as the top Tribal College in the United States, as well as its ability to continue to provide quality education for the next seven generations and beyond.

These priorities represent opportunities that will enhance the College, building on the dreams of the individuals who dedicated their lives to make SKC one of the most accomplished Tribal Colleges in the United States, and be a beacon to the Salish, Pend Oreille, and Kootenai people and tribal members throughout the Nation.

Salish Kootenai College invites you to join us in Capturing the Vision of a greater future for SKC as we embark on this journey of enriching and edifying the lives of our students, and sharing the Vision of propelling Salish Kootenai College forward to a new level of excellence!

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